AirVantage Service

Use the AirVantage Platform Service for remote administration of Legato Application Framework.

Current Version: 2.0

See the AirVantage 1.0 to 2.0 Migration Guide to compare differences between AVC 1.0 and AVC 2.0.

Getting Started

This service is automatically included in the Legato Framework by including default.sdef in your system and the service loads automatically on startup.

The following line in the default.sdef is responsible for adding the Air Vantage Service to your system:

#include "$LEGATO_ROOT/apps/platformServices/defaultAirVantage.sinc"


AVC 2.0 New Features:

  • Asset data can be dynamically created with in the application and there is no need to define the data model in the .cdef
  • Asset data settings now support read/write from the AirVantage Server
  • Asset data definitions have changed to resources (paths)
  • TimeSeries does not need an Asset Model to send data points to the AirVantage Server
  • TimeSeries enables users to aggregate multiple data points into a single push
  • TimeSeries Observe function has been replaced with a push function
Section Description
AirVantage 1.0 to 2.0 Migration AVC 1.0 vs AVC 2.0 differences
Register a Target on AirVantage Register a target with AirVantage
Create and Install Bundles Build an App Bundle and deploy using AirVantage
System bundles are not currently supported and if a user wishes to update Legato remotely users must use the (AirVantage Firmware over-the-air)[] (FOTA) tool.


The AirVantage Platform Service exposes two APIs that will manage connecting to the AirVantage Server and setting up any Asset Data with the AirVantage Service.

API Guide API Reference File Name Description
AirVantage Connector API le_avc API Reference le_avc.api Control and configure upgrade and network settings
AirVantage Data API le_avdata API Reference le_avdata.api Send and receive data from the AirVantage Server

The AirVantage Connector is implemented by the avcService.

The avcService depends on:

To bind to these APIs customize the following bindings for your App's .adef:

<myExecutable>.<myComponentClient>.le_avc -> avcService.le_avc
<myExecutable>.<myComponentClient>.le_avdata -> avcService.le_avdata

How Tos & Samples

Section Description
Asset Data How to use AssetData with AirVantage 2.0
Exchange Data Tutorial on sending/receiving sensor data to/from AirVantage
Configuration Tips for AirVantage Troubleshooting and Configuration settings for AirVantage

The AirVantage Control App provides examples of:

  • Automatic download/install of OTA packages
  • Receiving incoming SMS wake up messages
  • Reading and setting a Polling timer
  • Reading and setting Retry timers

The AirVantage AssetData provides a tutorial of:

  • Reading and Pushing Data between a Legato App and the AirVantage Server
  • Using a command to trigger a switch change from the AirVantage Server
  • Creating an App that connects to the AirVantage Server

External Documentation

For AirVantage Server/Sierra Wireless documentation refer to the following links: