API Guide API Reference File Name Description multi-app safe
ADC Channel API le_adc API Reference le_adc.api Analog to digital converter
Antenna Monitoring le_antenna API Reference le_antenna.api Antenna diagnostics
eCall le_ecall API Reference le_ecall.api EU auto accident assistance program
Input Power Supply Monitoring API le_ips API Reference le_ips.api Input voltage data
Low Power Technologies le_lpt API Reference le_lpt.api Control modem low power technologies
Modem Call Control le_mcc API Reference le_mcc.api Control voice calls
Modem Data Control le_mdc API Reference le_mdc.api Control modem data connections
Modem Information le_info API Reference le_info.api Retrieve modem data information
Modem Radio Control le_mrc API Reference le_mrc.api Modem radio controls
Remote SIM service le_rsim API Reference le_rsim.api Remote SIM service
Ring Indicator Signal le_riPin API Reference le_riPin.api Ring indicator for host wakeup
SIM le_sim API Reference le_sim.api SIM access
Temperature Monitoring le_temp API Reference le_temp.api Temperature monitoring
User Timebase le_rtc API Reference le_rtc.api Set user timebase for RTC

Additional Documentation

Service Description
eCall Overview Overview of the eCall API