Positioning Control API

API Reference

This API is used to enable and disable the positioning service.

All other positioning functionality is provided by the Positioning.

IPC interfaces binding

All the functions of this API are provided by the positioningService application service.

Here's a code sample binding to Positioning services:

   clientExe.clientComponent.le_posCtrl -> positioningService.le_posCtrl

Positioning control

To request that the positioning service be activated, call le_posCtrl_Request().

To release the positioning service when finished with it, call le_posCtrl_Release().

If the positioning service is already active when le_posCtrl_Request() is called, it will remain active. This happens if another application has already requested that the positioning service be activated and not yet released the positioning service.

The positioning service (and associated devices) will not necessarily be switched off when an application calls le_posCtrl_Release(). The positioning service will be switched off only after all applications that have requested that the positioning service be active have also released the positioning service.

Control of the positioning service is done through a separate API than the retrieval of positioning information to allow access to positioning information by less-trusted applications, while only allowing control of the positioning system by more-trusted applications.