Please refer to the Product Technical specification document of your platform for further details.

Partition names

This service is not supported on all platforms.


Partitions names strings construction AR759x/AR758x:
  • For duplicates partitions of dual systems, the names follow the syntax: <partitionName>_<systemNumber>
    For instance:
    • modem_1 refers to modem partition of system 1, modem_2 refers to modem partition of system 2
    • modem_active refers to the modem partition currently active.
    • modem_update refers to the modem partition currently not active (ready for update).
  • For common partitions, the name string syntax is: <partitionName>

If system 1 is active, system 2 is update and vice versa. Using "_active" and "_update" suffix lets the service detects the system the use want to address.

API partition name mtd name notes
sbl sbl (see note)
tz_1 tz
tz_2 tz
tz_active tz
tz_update tz
rpm_1 rpm
rpm_2 rpm
rpm_active rpm
rpm_update rpm
modem_1 modem
modem_2 modem2
modem_active modem or modem2
modem_update modem or modem2
aboot_1 aboot
aboot_2 aboot2
aboot_active aboot or aboot2
aboot_update aboot or aboot2
boot_1 boot
boot_2 boot2
boot_active boot or boot2
boot_update boot or boot2
system_1 system
system_2 system2
system_active system or system2
system_update system or system2
lefwkro_1 lefwkro
lefwkro_2 lefwkro2
lefwkro_active lefwkro or lefwkro2
lefwkro_update lefwkro or lefwkro2
customer_1 customer0 (dual)
customer_2 customer1 (dual)
customer_active customer0 or customer1 (dual)
customer_update customer1 or customer1 (dual)
customer0 customer0 (not dual)
customer1 customer1 (not dual)
customer2 customer2 (not dual)
  • le_flash_OpenMtd() and le_flash_OpenUbi() API accept all partition name syntaxes, ie, all names of the table above are allowed except "sbl".
  • handler of type le_flash_BadImageDetectionHandlerRef_t only provides names following the syntax <partitionName>_<systemNumber>.
The "sbl" partition cannot be flashed by the le_flash APIs due to its critical and specific flash scheme. It is only possible to update the "sbl" partition by flashing a .cwe with le_fwupdate_Download() API.

Ubi volume names

This service is not supported on all platforms.

The different UBI volumes are identified by a name (i.e volume name)

  • The volume name may contain any character up to 128 bytes length.
  • For the system and lefwkro partitions, the following names are used. This is applied to both active and update partitions.
    MTD partition UBI volume name Description
    modem/modem2 modem Binary partition/filesystem image
    system/system2 rootfs Binary partition/filesystem image
    system/system2 rootfs_hs Hash tree (DM-verity)
    system/system2 rootfs_rhs Root hash tree (DM-verity)
    system/system2 rootfs_srhs Signed root (For secure boot)
    system/system2 rootfs_cert Certificate (For secure boot)
    lefwkro/lefwkro2 legato Binary partition/filesystem image
    lefwkro/lefwkro2 legato_hs Hash tree (DM-verity)
    lefwkro/lefwkro2 legato_rhs Root hash tree (DM-verity)
    lefwkro/lefwkro2 legato_srhs Signed root (For secure boot)
    lefwkro/lefwkro2 legato_cert Certificate (For secure boot)
The volumes hash tree, root hash tree, signed root and certificate may not be present if the DM-verity or secure boot features are not available.