Sending commands

le_sim_SendCommand() supports sending commands to the SIM. The p1, p2, p3 parameters usage is described as follows:

Command \ Parameters P1 P2 P3
LE_SIM_READ_RECORD Record number to read Unused Unused
LE_SIM_READ_BINARY Offset to the first byte to read Unused Unused
LE_SIM_UPDATE_RECORD Record number to write Unused Unused
LE_SIM_UPDATE_BINARY Offset to the first byte to write Unused Unused
  • path parameter contains the path of the elementary file from the master file in hexadecimal (e.g. "3F007FFF", "3F007F20"). The path is mandatory for all commands.

Select Card

le_sim_SelectCard() function is used to select the SIM identifier. Additionally, any Legato SIM API with a SIM card identifier passed in parameter, selects that SIM identifier. The le_sim_Id_t parameters supported by these APIs depend on the platform.

For WP76xx, WP77xx, AR759x and AR758x, only LE_SIM_EXTERNAL_SLOT_1 and LE_SIM_REMOTE types are supported.

For AR755x, only LE_SIM_EXTERNAL_SLOT_1 and LE_SIM_EMBEDDED types are supported.

For other products, only LE_SIM_EXTERNAL_SLOT_1 and LE_SIM_EXTERNAL_SLOT_2 types are supported.

For the support of LE_SIM_EMBEDDED on AR755x platform, please refer to your platform documentation for further details.
Switching between local and remote SIM card requires a reset to take effect, please refer to your platform documentation for further details.


Your platform might need a reboot to detect a SIM card insertion or removal.


As indicated in the mangOH™ User Guide:

SIM slot Detection
LE_SIM_EXTERNAL_SLOT_1 (Mini-SIM) Hot-swappable
LE_SIM_EXTERNAL_SLOT_2 (Micro-SIM)Not hot-swappable

Other platforms

Refer to your platform documentation.

FPLMN list

Forbidden PLMN (FPLMN) APIs are only supported by AR759x and AR758x platforms.


Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card identifier (EID) function is only supported by AR759x platform at this time.