Voice Call

The Voice Call Service can be used to establish voice communication with a remote party. The voice call can be over a mobile network, or over VoIP.

Getting Started

This service is automatically included in the Legato Framework by including default.sdef in your system and loads automatically on startup.

    // Platform services.

API Guide

The Positioning Service exposes two APIs that will manage connecting to Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

API Guide API Reference File Name Description
Voice Call Service le_voicecall API Reference le_voicecall.api Voice communication control

To bind to this API customize the following bindings for your App's .adef:

<myExecutable>.<myComponentClient>.le_voicecall -> voiceCallService.le_voicecall

Sample App

The Voice Call App provides examples of:

  • Establishing a voice call to a remote party as well as answering receiving calls
  • Placing calls on hold, redialing, etc