AirVantage AssetData

This sample Legato application demonstrates data exchange feature between an embedded Legato App and AirVantage server, over the LWM2M protocol. This latter feature requires Legato 17.06. Simulated room temperatures are pushed to AirVantage every 10 seconds.

This application has been tested on Sierra Wireless AirPrime WP8548 module hosted on mangOH board.

Asset Data

Let’s design a simple home automation scenario to monitor and to control temperature of a Room, remotely using AirVantage.

A room has :

  • 3 variables : ROOM_NAME_VAR_RES, IS_AC_ON_VAR_RES, ROOM_TEMP_READING_VAR_RES. AirVantage only has read-access to these variables
  • 1 setting : TARGET_TEMP_SET_RES that can be changed by AirVantage. User can therefore set the temperature of the room remotely
  • 1 command : AC_CMD_TURN_OFF_RES that can be triggered by AirVantage upon user request.

This collection of data are declared variables by Linux paths.

Application Scenario

AirVantage can perform the following actions, for each instance:

  • Retrieve the name of the room, the current room temperature and the current status of the AC (On or Off)
  • Set the target temperature of the room, the AC is automatically switched On
  • Trigger a command to turn off the AC

Get the sample app code

Run this to install the sample app:

$ bin/legs
$ cd $LEGATO_ROOT/apps/sample/assetData
$ make wp85
$ update assetDataTutorial.wp85.update <ip address>

Install and Start App