This sample app demonstrates how to test an eCall session.

Go to the sample app code.

Also see the eCall Service

The eCallDemo app starts a test eCall session using the Legato eCall API and the position data returned by the Legato Positioning API.

The 'trig' sample utility shows how to trigger the eCallDemo app to start the eCall session.

eCall Session

The sample app uses ecallApp_StartSession() API to start a test eCall session.

You can call ecallApp_StartSession() with the number of passengers as a parameter to start the session.

This App uses the configuration tree to retrieve the following data:

$ config get eCallDemo:/

           psap<string> == <PSAP number>
           hMinAccuracy<int> == <minimum horizontal accuracy value>
           dirMinAccuracy<int> == <minimum direction accuracy value>
  • 'psap' is the PSAP telephone number.
  • 'hAccuracy' is the minimum expected horizontal accuracy to trust the position (in meters).
  • 'dirAccuracy' is the minimum expected direction accuracy to trust the position (in degrees).

You can set them by issuing the commands:

$ config set eCallDemo:/settings/psap <PSAP number>
$ config set eCallDemo:/settings/hMinAccuracy <minimum horizontal accuracy value> int
$ config set eCallDemo:/settings/dirMinAccuracy <minimum direction accuracy value> int

These are the config tree settings needed for the eCall sample app (values given as an example):

config set eCallDemo:/settings/psap 0102030405
config set eCallDemo:/settings/hMinAccuracy 100 int
config set eCallDemo:/settings/dirMinAccuracy 100 int

trig utility

This utility triggers the eCallDemo application.

Run trig like this:

$ app runProc eCallDemo --exe=trig -- <number of passengers>