vsCode Target Menu

The target menu provides you hooks into tools that will connect to your target. The target menu is located on the bottom status bar of Visual Studio Code and will have the current IP of the target that it is connected to.

Set IP of Target

Specifies the IP address of the target that you wish to install Legato to. Clicking this option will allow you to specify a new IP address. By default it is set to for the target.

Open Target Shell

Opens a connection to your target to the shell prompt.

You have to have have already set up a connection to your target once. See Configure SWI Target for details on connecting to your target for the first time.

Open Target Logs

Opens a connection to your target and display logread -f within the shell.

Install .update on R/W partition

This will allow you to select an .update file created by the build process and install that onto your target. You are able to use this function to install apps and/or systems. Using the update process to update the Legato runtime with this method will only update the read/write partition and if the system rolls back it will roll back to the previously installed version and it may downgrade your Legato version and roll back your apps.

To prevent this first upgrade the Legato runtime with fwupdate or swiflash to update the read only partition and upgrade the base version of Legato.

For more information on the update processes for your target see Updates

Flash .cwe/.spk to Target (via fwupdate)

Updating using this tool will update the base version of Legato and this can be used to upgrade both the modem firmware and the OS of your target. This tool uses the Legato runtime to update the target.

Flash .cwe/.spk to Target (via swiflash)

Updating using swiflash will update the base version of Legato and is mainly used to update the modem firmware, OS and base Legato version. swiflash is an external to Legato tool but is automatically included in the Legato Leaf packaging.

Reset User Partition (delete all user data)

This option deletes all the user data on the target by using the swiflash tool. This will delete any data or custom settings you have added to your target.