Leaf Getsrc

leaf getsrc - trigger source code fetching for packages

leaf getsrc
leaf getsrc MODULE [--user|--workspace|--profile] [--disable]

leaf getsrc command allows users to toggle the required module in source mode, and to trigger the source code fetching operation for a module.

If used without specifying any MODULE, the command will return all available source modules within the current profile.

If used with a MODULE parameter, the command will toggle the corresponding feature in source mode, and trigger the fetching operation (specific for each module).



A source module identifier. List of available MODULE items is returned by a simple getsrc command.


Allows a user to specify which scope needs to be configured with the feature corresponding to the required source MODULE. Allows a user to toggle a feature across all workspaces (if --user is used), across all profiles of a given workspace (if --workspace is used), or specifically to the current profile (if --profile is used; default if not specified).


Allows a user to get back to binary mode instead of source code mode.


Get source modules list

leaf getsrc

Trigger source code fetching

leaf getsrc mymodule

Get back to binary mode

leaf getsrc mymodule --disable


As an high level command, using leaf getsrc is equivalent to chaining the following steps:

leaf feature list

Verifies if the feature corresponding to the required source module exist. It must have the same name that the MODULE, with a -src suffix (will be called MODULEFEATURE).

leaf feature query MODULEFEATURE

Then the command verifies if the feature is already toggled in source mode.

leaf feature toggle MODULEFEATURE source

If necessary, the command toggles the feature in source mode.

leaf profile sync

If necessary (if the feature value changed), the profile provisioning is triggered to update the leaf-data structure.

source fetching operation trigger

The last step is to trigger the source fetching operation. It is assumed to be handled by an executable named with MODULEFEATURE and a -sync suffix, provided on the $PATH by the installed packages.