WiFi Client Sample App

The sample shows how to use the WiFi Client Service.

To use this application, you should have basic understanding of the Legato interface and how a WiFi client works.

This sample app may be included in the default legato build on your target but it is not started by default; it needs to be started manually.

View the app code

Run this to install the sample app:

$ bin/legs
$ cd $LEGATO_ROOT/modules/WiFi/apps/sample/wifiClientTest
$ make wp85
$ update wifiClientTest.wp85.update <ip address>


When started the WiFi client first performs a few scan loops and recovers the result.
The results are visible in the log.
It then tries to connect to a WiFi access point named "ExampleSSID",
with WPA2 passphrase: "passphrase".

It will also provide IP addresses. This is not a part of the WiFi Service, but is provided as one of the sample applications.

This sample application is not started by default, it needs to be started manually.