Leaf Shell

leaf shell - Run a shell within the Leaf profile environment.

leaf shell [-n SHELLNAME] [-c COMMANDARGS]

leaf shell allows users to easily use a leaf configured environment and run command line tools within that environment that are aware of the specific configuration for each profile in the environment.

Leaf packages can provide environment variables that support the build process. I.e.; packages can provide an updated path to their bundled command line tools. They can also provide variables that fine tune the building process, define target information, and anything else that enables the tooling to build software for your target.

Any variables that you have defined at the leaf user|workspace|profile level are available to you in the leaf shell.

See leaf help env for more details.

For greater visibility the leaf shell will append a status text onto the prompt. The rest of the prompt will continue to function as normal. If the shell's working directory is currently within a workspace with an active profile, the status text will the current profile.

For example, if the user's default prompt is: user: $ and they start their Leaf shell within a workspace, ~/myWorkspace Then the prompt would be:

(lsh:my-profile) user@computer: ~/myWorkspace $

If the shell isn't in a workspace then the prompt would simply include the Leaf Shell prefix:

(lsh) user@computer: ~ $



Specify the name of the shell to run. Currently supported shells are Bash and Zsh. If -n is not specified, leaf shell will run the user's default shell. (Found in the environment variable $SHELL.) If the requested shell is not found, then leaf shell will fallback to Bash support.


If given, the requested shell will be launched within the Leaf environment and the command(s) given will be executed and the shell will terminate. This is useful to run a quick command within a leaf environment without having to run an interactive shell. This can also be used to run commands within a leaf environment from an external script.

Environment Variables


Prefix to append to the Leaf status. The default value is lsh.


For Zsh shells: Allows the user to choose which prompt to append the Leaf status to. If set to the value: right the Leaf status will appear on the right hand side. If unset, or set to anything other than right the prompt will appear on the left. The default value is unset.


Start up the user default shell

leaf shell

Start up a shell with zsh (if not the default shell)

leaf shell -n zsh

Run a build and terminate the sub-shell

leaf shell -c make

Run multiple commands within a sub-shell and then exit it

leaf shell -c "cd subDir && make && make install"
Quotes need to be added around the set of commands. This prevents the host shell from trying to interpret the && operator and allow it to be passed down to the sub-shell.