vsCode Leaf Integration

The Leaf menu lets you visually search for and install software development kits (SDKs) for your target.

Filters provide a way to minimize the list of SDK's that you are displayed to install, so you can quickly find the SDK that matches your target and the version of Legato that you are developing with.

By default the [master] tag is pre-populated, if you un-check this you will get a list of all Leaf packages not just the SDK packages.

Add a filter by clicking Add... to the right of the Filters heading.

Using "@" will filter by the list of tags that associated with the SDK. For example the latest release is always tagged with latest.

You can also match the package names using standard regular expressions.

Adding a tag for your target, and the latest version will give you a small list of the latest release for your target. Adding the tag stable will give you the Sierra Wireless official product release versions, adding the dev tag will show you all the Legato versions on the latest stable firmware release.

Remotes list the leaf repositories that you are connecting to to search for packages/SDKs. You can enable or disable remotes by clicking on the option to the right of the remote listing.

Add a new remote by clicking the ADD button and select an alias for the remote and then enter in the URL for the remote. The list of available SDK's that match your filters will automatically update with the available packages in the remote you just added.

Profiles list the profiles that you've added to your workspace see Leaf Profile for more details on how profiles work.

From the profile section you can expand the profile to see what is installed in each version and remove any package that you have installed. When the last package has been removed from a profile the profile will be deleted.

Once you've found the SDK you wish you install in the Available list then click the version and choose Add to profile.... Doing so will download the SDK to your workspace folder and install the environment into your folder. This is all done using the leaf tool.

For version of Legato bellow 19.11 you must install the VSCode Support package into your profile. This provides an updated version of the Legato tools that are specifically enhanced to work with VS Code.

  • Add a filter for the ide (see above for instructions).
  • Add the latest swi-vscode-support package to the same profile you installed the SDK to.

To switch between profiles use the active profile menu at the bottom of VSCode in the blue bar. The active profile name will be displayed, to change profiles click on the name and choose the new profile that you wish to use from the list.

You may have to reload the window (Ctrl + Shift + P Developer: Reload Window) to have the new profile take effect.