Modem Demo

This sample app demonstrates a modem app. It uses modem services with .adef bindings and related @ .cdef requires provides, and sources sections.

Before you install this sample app:

  • register your SIM network. See SIM.
  • set an APN name. See Data.

Go to the sample app code.

Run this to install the sample app:

$ cd apps/sample/modemDemo
$ make wp85
$ update modemDemo.wp85.update <ip address>

where ip address is the address of your target device.

If you're not using a Sierra Wireless WP85xx module, replace wp85 with the appropriate identifier for your target.

Install and Start App


The modemDemo app accepts several commands (through sending the target a SMS message) and will reply with the results:

  • Status - return some status information of the target like radio is on/off and signal strength
  • Sim - returns sim state/info (iccid and imsi)
  • Online - turns on data connection
  • Netinfo - network information like gateway address
  • Offline - turns off data connection
  • TestDataConnectionV4 - Test IPv4 data connection
  • TestDataConnectionV6 - Test IPv6 data connection
  • DataInfo - Show data flow statistics
  • DataReset - Reset data flow statistics


The sample app can be customized by editing the modemDemo.adef and related C source files.

In modemDemo.adef, you can add a send execution on start-up to notify you when the app is running. Uncomment the run line and replace +18005550199 by your own cell number.

( modemDemo )
( send "+18005550199" "Welcome to modemDemo app")

In modemDemo/demo.c, it's also possible to extend the list of processed commands.

Modem Data Control