Use the GLobal Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) gnss tool to monitor and debug a GNSS target device.

Also see GNSS API


gnss [commands]

gnss <enable/disable>
gnss <start/stop>
gnss restart <RestartType>
gnss fix [FixTime in seconds]
gnss get <parameter>
gnss get posInfo
gnss set constellation <ConstellationType>
gnss set agpsMode <ModeType>
gnss set acqRate <acqRate in milliseconds>
gnss set nmeaSentences <nmeaMask>
gnss watch [WatchPeriod in seconds]
gnss help

gnss <enable/disable>

Enable/disable gnss device.

gnss <start/stop>

Start/stop gnss device.

gnss restart <RestartType>

Restart gnss device. Allowed when device in 'active' state. Restart type can be:

  • hot
  • warm
  • cold
  • factory

See GNSS for more info on these restart types.

gnss fix [FixTime in seconds]

Loop for certain time for first position fix. FixTime is optional. Default time(60s) will be used if not specified.

gnss get <parameter>

Used to get different gnss parameters:

  • ttff: Time to First Fix (milliseconds)
  • acqRate: Acquisition Rate (unit milliseconds)
  • agpsMode: Agps Mode
  • nmeaSentences: Enabled NMEA sentences (bit mask)
  • constellation: GNSS constellation
  • posState: Position fix state(no fix, 2D, 3D etc)
  • loc2d: 2D location (latitude, longitude, horizontal accuracy)
  • alt: Altitude (Altitude, Vertical accuracy)
  • loc3d: 3D location (latitude, longitude, altitude, horizontal accuracy, vertical accuracy)
  • gpsTime: Get last updated gps time
  • time: Time of the last updated location
  • timeAcc: Time accuracy in milliseconds
  • date: Date of the last updated location
  • hSpeed : Horizontal speed(Horizontal Speed, Horizontal Speed accuracy)
  • vSpeed : Vertical speed(Vertical Speed, Vertical Speed accuracy)
  • motion: Motion data (Horizontal Speed, Horizontal Speed accuracy, Vertical Speed, Vertical Speed accuracy)
  • direction: Direction indication
  • satInfo: Satellites Vehicle information
  • satStat: Satellites Vehicle status
  • dop: Dilution Of Precision for the fixed position
  • posInfo: Get all current position info of the device.
  • status: Get gnss device's current status.

gnss set constellation <ConstellationType>

Used to set constellation. Allowed when device in 'ready' state. May require platform reboot. See GNSS for more details.

ConstellationType can be:

  • 1: GPS
  • 2: GLONASS
  • 4: BEIDOU
  • 8: GALILEO

Use sum of the values to set multiple constellation, e.g., 3 for GPS+GLONASS 15 for GPS+GLONASS+BEIDOU+GALILEO.

See GNSS for more details.

gnss set agpsMode <ModeType>

Used to set agps mode. ModeType can be:

  • alone: Standalone agps mode
  • msBase: MS-based agps mode
  • msAssist: MS-assisted agps mode

gnss set acqRate <acqRate in milliseconds>

Used to set acquisition rate. Available when device is 'ready' state.

gnss set nmeaSentences <nmeaMask>

Used to set the enabled NMEA sentences. Bit mask should be set with hexadecimal values (e.g., 7FFF).

gnss watch [WatchPeriod in seconds]

Used to monitor all gnss information (position, speed, satellites used, etc.). WatchPeriod is optional. Default time(600s) will be used if not specified.

gnss help

Display help.

Some commands require the gnss target to be in specific state (and platform reboot).

See howtoGNSS and GNSS for more info.