Temperature Monitoring

API Reference
Temperature Monitoring Constraints

The Temperature API is used to retrieve temperature values and set warning and critical thresholds.

When a Critical event occurs, some platform can automatically switch off.

IPC interfaces binding

All the functions of this API are provided by the modemService application service.

Here's a code sample binding to modem services:

   clientExe.clientComponent.le_temp -> modemServices.le_temp


This functionality allows to monitor the temperature by getting the temperature sensor and by setting several temperature thresholds.

Ensure to check the names of supported sensors and thresholds for your specific platform. Please refer to Temperature Monitoring platform constraints page.
An hysteresis can be dependent of the platform. Be sure to verify your platform's specifications.
On some platforms, the thresholds parameters are persistent and a Platform reboot is required for thresholds change takes effect.

When temperature thresholds are reached, an event is sent with a string type that specifies the raised threshold.