Secure Storage Admin

API Reference
Secure Storage API

This API provides administrative control for secure storage. It gives the rights to read, write and delete files recorded in the SFS Legato tree. This API should be used with extreme caution.

The full API should only be used by privileged users

Secure storage allows privileged users (e.g: administrators) to provision secure storage data by storing sensitive info like passwords, keys, certificates, etc. All data in the secure storage is in an encrypted format. It also allows privileged users to debug stored data issues.

This API is mostly disabled by default in Legato Framework for security concerns. Only few functions remains to get non sensitive information about secure storage. In order to make the secure storage admin API fully available, Legato has be to be compiled using a special flag: SECSTOREADMIN=1 make

Two functions are enabled by default whether the flag SECSTOREADMIN is set or not: