le_apiFeatures.h File Reference

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#define LE_FUNC_DISABLED(setting)
#define LE_FULL_API
 API requires filesystem support.

Detailed Description

API feature selection for Legato. This file provides a mapping of KConfig selections to API functions that are available. As an example, if file system support is disabled, then a compile-time error will be generated if an le_fs function is used.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define LE_FULL_API

Macro used to declare that a symbol is part of the "full" Legato API.

There are two APIs for Legato: "full" and "limited". Linux uses the "full" API and all functions are available. On other platforms only the "limited" API is supported, and any attempt to use a "full" api function will lead to a compile error.


#define LE_FUNC_DISABLED (   setting)

Mark a function as disabled due to a KConfig selection.

settingConfiguration setting name string.