How To

This page contains tutorials and articles on how to navigate through the Legato Application Framework.

Getting Started Tutorials

If you are just getting started with the Legato Application Framework, try out the following tutorials:

Tutorial Description
helloWorld Create a "helloWorld" app and deploying it on a target
Extend helloWorld Create two apps and use IPC to communicate between the apps
Legato Systems Create a system using a the default set of Platform Services and the helloWorld and helloIPC apps
Kernel Modules Add an example driver to your system
Update Target Update your target to a new version of a Legato Platform

Target Configuration Articles

Section Description
Login Authentication Set up secure shell with ssh keys and passwords
Manage GNSS Mange GNSS on a target device
Set User Timebase Set up user timebase
Use Software Update Update Software
howToSPI Set up a target to use SPI

Development Articles

Section Description
Debug Apps Debug - General tips and tricks
Debug using GDB Debug Apps using GDB
Sandbox Helper Troubleshoot sandbox issues
How To Setup Kernel Modules Setup examples for kernel modules
Port Legacy Apps Port external Apps to Legato
Add 3rd Party Files Add 3rd party libraries and external files to an app
This page is getting revamped and we will be working to add some new tutorials and how to articles in the coming releases.