le_proc_Parameters_t Struct Reference

#include <le_process.h>

Data Fields

const char * executableStr
 Path to the file to execute.
char *const * argumentsPtr
char *const * environmentPtr
bool detach
int closeFds
void(* init )(const struct le_proc_Parameters *paramPtr)
void * userPtr

Detailed Description

Parameters specifying how to spawn an external process.

Field Documentation

◆ argumentsPtr

char* const* le_proc_Parameters_t::argumentsPtr

NULL-terminated array of arguments to pass to the process. May be NULL.

◆ closeFds

int le_proc_Parameters_t::closeFds

Close all open file descriptors in the child at or above the given value. Set to LE_PROC_NO_FDS to avoid closing any.

◆ detach

bool le_proc_Parameters_t::detach

"Detach" the process so that a call to le_proc_Wait() is not required to prevent it from becoming a zombie.

◆ environmentPtr

char* const* le_proc_Parameters_t::environmentPtr

NULL-terminated array of "var=value" strings to set in the environment of the process. May be NULL.

◆ init

void(* le_proc_Parameters_t::init) (const struct le_proc_Parameters *paramPtr)

Custom function to run right before the executable is exec'd. Note that only async-signal-safe functions may be called from this callback.

◆ userPtr

void* le_proc_Parameters_t::userPtr

Arbitrary data to include with the parameters. Only useful if init() is also set.

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