le_hex.h File Reference

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int32_t le_hex_StringToBinary (const char *stringPtr, uint32_t stringLength, uint8_t *binaryPtr, uint32_t binarySize)
int32_t le_hex_BinaryToString (const uint8_t *binaryPtr, uint32_t binarySize, char *stringPtr, uint32_t stringSize)
void le_hex_Dump (char *asciiBufferPtr, size_t asciiBufferSize, char *binaryDataPtr, size_t binaryDataLen)
int le_hex_HexaToInteger (const char *stringPtr)

Detailed Description

Legato Hex string API include file.

Function Documentation

◆ le_hex_BinaryToString()

int32_t le_hex_BinaryToString ( const uint8_t *  binaryPtr,
uint32_t  binarySize,
char *  stringPtr,
uint32_t  stringSize 

Convert a byte array into a string of uppercase hexadecimal characters.

number of characters written to stringPtr or -1 if stringSize is too small for binarySize
the string written to stringPtr will be NULL terminated.
[in]binaryPtrbinary array to convert
[in]binarySizesize of binary array
[out]stringPtrhex string array, terminated with '\0'.
[in]stringSizesize of string array. Must be >= (2 * binarySize) + 1

◆ le_hex_Dump()

void le_hex_Dump ( char *  asciiBufferPtr,
size_t  asciiBufferSize,
char *  binaryDataPtr,
size_t  binaryDataLen 

Function that takes binary data and creates 'hex dump' that is stored into user provided ASCII buffer and is null terminated Total length of one line will be 74 characters: 9 + (16 * 3) + 17 0x000000: 2e 2f 68 65 78 64 75 6d 0 00 53 53 48 5f 41 47 ./hexdump.SSH_AG

◆ le_hex_HexaToInteger()

int le_hex_HexaToInteger ( const char *  stringPtr)

Convert a NULL terminated string of valid hexadecimal characters [0-9a-fA-F] into an integer.

  • Positive integer corresponding to the hexadecimal input string
  • -1 if the input contains an invalid character or the value will not fit in an integer
[in]stringPtrstring of hex chars to convert into an int

◆ le_hex_StringToBinary()

int32_t le_hex_StringToBinary ( const char *  stringPtr,
uint32_t  stringLength,
uint8_t *  binaryPtr,
uint32_t  binarySize 

Convert a string of valid hexadecimal characters [0-9a-fA-F] into a byte array where each element of the byte array holds the value corresponding to a pair of hexadecimal characters.

  • number of bytes written into binaryPtr
  • -1 if the binarySize is too small or stringLength is odd or stringPtr contains an invalid character
The input string is not required to be NULL terminated.
[in]stringPtrstring to convert
[in]stringLengthstring length
[out]binaryPtrbinary result
[in]binarySizesize of the binary table. Must be >= stringLength / 2