le_process.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  le_proc_Parameters_t


#define LE_PROC_NO_FDS   -1


pid_t le_proc_Execute (const le_proc_Parameters_t *paramPtr)

Detailed Description

Legato Process API include file.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define LE_PROC_NO_FDS   -1

Value representing no file descriptors.

Function Documentation

◆ le_proc_Execute()

pid_t le_proc_Execute ( const le_proc_Parameters_t paramPtr)

Spawn a new process from a given executable.

  • 0 if the process was spawned in detached mode.
  • Greater than 0 if the process was spawned but not detached. The returned value is the process ID in this case.
  • Less than zero if an error occurred.
paramPtrProperties of the process to spawn.