le_msg_LocalMessage_t Struct Reference

#include <le_messaging.h>

Data Fields

struct le_msg_Message message
 Pointer to base message.
int fd
 File descriptor sent with message (via Get/SetFd)
le_sem_Ref_t responseReady
 Semaphore which will be set when response is ready.
bool needsResponse
 True if message needs a response.
le_msg_ResponseCallback_t completionCallback
 Function to be called when transaction done.
void * contextPtr
 Opaque value to be passed to handler function.
uint8_t data []
 Align so any type of data can be stored inside. More...

Detailed Description

Message that's sent over a queue transport.

Field Documentation

◆ data

uint8_t le_msg_LocalMessage_t::data[]

Align so any type of data can be stored inside.

Start of message data.

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