le_mem_Pool_t Struct Reference

#include <le_mem.h>

Data Fields

le_dls_Link_t poolLink
 This pool's link in the list of memory pools.
struct le_mem_Pool * superPoolPtr
size_t numOverflows
 Number of times le_mem_ForceAlloc() had to expand pool.
uint64_t numAllocations
size_t maxNumBlocksUsed
 Maximum number of allocated blocks at any one time.
le_sls_List_t freeList
 List of free memory blocks.
size_t userDataSize
 Size of the object requested by the client in bytes.
size_t blockSize
 Number of bytes in a block, including all overhead.
size_t totalBlocks
size_t numBlocksInUse
 Number of currently allocated blocks.
size_t numBlocksToForce
le_mem_Destructor_t destructor
 The destructor for objects in this pool.
 Name of the pool.

Detailed Description

Definition of a memory pool.

This should not be used directly. To create a memory pool use either le_mem_CreatePool() or LE_MEM_DEFINE_STATIC_POOL()/le_mem_InitStaticPool().

Field Documentation

◆ numAllocations

uint64_t le_mem_Pool_t::numAllocations

Total number of times an object has been allocated from this pool.

◆ numBlocksToForce

size_t le_mem_Pool_t::numBlocksToForce

Number of blocks that is added when Force Alloc expands the pool.

◆ superPoolPtr

struct le_mem_Pool* le_mem_Pool_t::superPoolPtr

A pointer to our super pool if we are a sub-pool. NULL if we are not a sub-pool.

◆ totalBlocks

size_t le_mem_Pool_t::totalBlocks

Total number of blocks in this pool including free and allocated blocks.

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