le_hashmap_Hashmap_t Struct Reference

#include <le_hashmap.h>

Data Fields

le_hashmap_HashmapIt_t iterator
 Iterator instance.
le_hashmap_EqualsFunc_t equalsFuncPtr
 Equality operator.
le_hashmap_HashFunc_t hashFuncPtr
 Hash operator.
 Pointer to the array of hash map buckets.
le_mem_PoolRef_t entryPoolRef
 Memory pool to expand into for expanding buckets.
size_t bucketCount
 Number of buckets.
size_t size
 Number of inserted entries.
const char * nameStr
 Name of the hashmap for diagnostic purposes.
le_log_TraceRef_t traceRef
 Log trace reference for debugging the hashmap.

Detailed Description

The hashmap itself

This is an internal structure which should not be instantiated directly

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