Use the Cellular Modem tool to control modem functions.

This tool has been designed to be used for development and testing purposes by a user in real time. This tool should not be called from user apps, and may cause instabilities if called continuously. Data Connection should be used to open and configure connections within user apps.




cm adc read channel 

Read and print the value from an adc channel (where channel is one of the names returned).


cm data
cm data info 

Get info on profile in use.

cm data profile <index> 

Set profile in use.

cm data apn <apn> 

Set apn for profile in use.

cm data pdp <pdp> 

Set pdp type for profile in use.

cm data auth <none/pap/chap> <username> <password> 

Set authentication for profile in use.

cm data connect <optional timeout (secs)> 

Start a data connection.

cm data watch 

Monitor the data connection.

To start a data connection, ensure that your profile is configured correctly. Also ensure your modem is registered to the network. To verify, use cm radio and check Status.

If you specify a time-out timer when starting a data connection, it will try to start a data connection until the timer expires.

When starting a data connection, currently it only uses profile 1. Any configuration set for other profiles can't be used to start a data connection through the cm tool.


cm info
cm info all 

Print all known info.

cm info device 

Print the device model.

cm info imei 

Print the IMEI.

cm info firmware 

Print the firmware version.

cm info bootloader 

Print the bootloader version.


cm ips
cm ips read 

Print information about the power supply (voltage, power source, battery level).

cm ips thresholds 

Print the input voltage thresholds.


cm radio
cm radio status 

Get modem status.

cm radio <on/off> 

Enable/disable radio.

cm radio rat <[CDMA] [GSM] [UMTS] [LTE] [TDSCDMA]> 

Set the prefered radio access technologies.

cm radio getRAT 

Get the prefered radio access technologies.

cm radio rat AUTO 

Resume automatic RAT selection.

After setting the radio access technology, you'll need to do a legato restart before it's effective.


cm rtc read 

Reads the RTC time

cm rtc set "21 Oct 2015 16:29:00" 

Sets the RTC time

Time Format:

  • day of the month (leading zeros are permitted)
  • month (either the abbreviated or the full name)
  • year with century
  • hour (leading zeros are permitted)
  • minute (leading zeros are permitted)
  • seconds (leading zeros are permitted)


Regardless if security is enabled or not, the SIM card PIN code must be entered for every operation. The only ways to change the PIN code are through changepin and unblock.

cm sim
cm sim status 

Get SIM status

cm sim info 

Get SIM information.

cm sim imsi 

Get the SIM imsi.

cm sim iccid 

Get the SIM iccid.

cm sim number 

Get the sim phone number. Often M2M SIM cards don't know their number (will return nothing).

cm sim mode <MANUAL | AUTO> 

Set the SIM mode. Check Automatic SIM selection for further details about automatic SIM selection.

cm sim mode 

Get the SIM current mode.

cm sim enterpin <pin> 

Enter pin code that's required before any mobile equipment functionality can be used.

cm sim changepin <oldpin> <newpin> 

Change the PIN code of the SIM card.

cm sim lock <pin> 

Lock SIM: enables SIM card security, will request for a PIN code when inserted.

cm sim unlock <pin> 

Unlock SIM: disables SIM card security, won't request a PIN code when inserted (unsafe).

cm sim unblock <puk> <newpin> 

Unblocks the SIM card. The SIM card is blocked after X unsuccessful attempts to enter the PIN.

cm sim storepin <pin> 

Stores PIN. Whether security is enabled or not, the SIM card has a PIN code that must be entered for every operation. You can change the PIN code through changepin and unblock.


Select the SIM type.

Whether security is enabled or not, the SIM card has a PIN code that must be entered for every operations. Only ways to change this PIN code are through 'changepin' and 'unblock' operations.


cm sms monitor 

Monitor incoming SMS.

cm sms send <number> <content> 

Send a text SMS.

cm sms sendbin <number> <file> <optional max sms> 

Send a binary SMS


  • <number>: Destination number
  • <content>: Content as text supported by GSM 03.38 alphabet
  • <file>: File path OR - for standard input (stdin)
  • <optional max="" sms>="">: (Optional) Limit for the number of SMS the file is split in
cm sms list 

List all stored SMS

cm sms get <idx> 

Get specific stored SMS.

cm sms clear 

Clear stored SMS.

cm sms count 

Count stored SMS.


cm temp
cm temp all 

Print all known temperatures.

cm temp thresholds 

Print all thresholds.

cm temp radio 

Print the radio temperature.

cm temp platform 

Print the platform temperature.