To maintain manageable-length identifiers, developers often abbreviate words when constructing identifiers. If these abbreviations are not carefully chosen, they can create confusion.

Following is a list of acceptable abbreviations (in alphabetical order of abbreviated word).

Don't use other abbreviations.
Propose additions if you feel something's missing.

Original Word abbreviation

  • acknowledge ack
  • allocate alloc
  • callback cb
  • concatenate cat
  • delete del
  • file descriptor fd
  • forward fwd
  • handle hndl
  • handler hdlr
  • initialize init
  • iterator it
  • laugh out loud lol :)
  • message msg
  • negative acknowledge nack
  • number num
  • number of count
  • pointer ptr
  • previous prev
  • receive rx
  • reference ref
  • register reg
  • timer tmr
  • transaction txn
  • transmit tx

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