Upgrading Legato Beta

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This page provides information on how to upgrade Legato Beta 14.04 to 14.07. We suggest you upgrade the WP series firmware first, then the application framework.

Contact your Field Application Engineer (FAE) to upgrade AR series targets.

Upgrade WP Firmware
Upgrade Legato Application Framework

Here's other info you may need to look at:
Legato 14.07 Beta release notes
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Upgrade WP Series Firmware

After you complete the WP firmware update, you'll need to use UART2 to communicate through the target's the serial port (instead of UART1) . See Prep Dev Kit Board for complete info.

Follow these steps to upgrade the dev kit board to the latest firmware and Yocto:

Note: There's a chance Windows will ask if your program has been installed successfully. Ignore the message or select that the program has been installed properly.

Verify WP Firmware Upgrade

You need to run ati and at!gstatus? to verify your firmware upgrade was successful.

Run ati
Output will look like this:
Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
Model: WP7102
Revision: SWI9X15W_06.03.17.00 r23799 CNSHZ-AR-BUILD 2014/08/08 13:02:24
IMEI: (Your imei)

Run at!gstatus?
Mode should be ONLINE not 'LOW POWER MODE'
Current Time: 2160 Temperature: 29
Bootup Time: 0 Mode: ONLINE
System mode: WCDMA PS state: Not attached
IMS Reg State: NO SRV
WCDMA band: WCDMA 1900
WCDMA channel: 437
WCDMA L1 State:L1M_PCH_SLEEP LAC: FEB0 (65200)
RRC State: DISCONNECTED Cell ID: 002AF1BB (2814395)
RxM RSSI C0: -47 RxD RSSI C0: -106
RxM RSSI C1: -106 RxD RSSI C1: -106

If you need to change to 'ONLINE from 'LOW POWER MODE', do this:

Reset the target using at!reset or reboot it.

If ati revision returns SWI9X15W_06.03.17.00 and at!gstatus? shows that your modem is 'Online', the target upgrade was successful.

Upgrade Legato Beta AF 14.04 to 14.07

On your development host, go to the Beta 14.04 development directory (/opt/swi) and remove all files:

$ cd /opt/swi
$ sudo rm -rf *

Installation packages (including toolchain downloads) are available at the Dev Zone.

Select toolchain for 32 or 64 bits and copy it to /opt/swi

$ cp [Legato-Toolchain-file-name] /opt/swi
$ cd /opt/swi
$ sudo tar xvjf [Legato-Toolchain-file-name]

On your target, delete /opt/legato and /usr/local to remove old versions of legato. Ensure you run legato stop before deleting /opt/legato.

Install and build and Legato 14.07. See Legato documentation for full information.

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