Extended Device Management


Extended Device management (EDM) is a part of the SIM Reachability functionality. It allows the SIM configuration data (APDU) to be provisioned through Legato to the modem firmware, using LWM2M mechanism, and AVC as LWM2M client. It also allows to propagate the SIM response back to the server.

For this purpose, a new LWM2M object 33408 is introduced. It includes writable/executable resources to provision APDU to the SIM card, and "APDU response" readable resource to propagate SIM response back to the server.

New Device Management (DM) server is introduced specifically for the purpose of supporting object 33408: EDM server. This server is not capable of supporting other types of LWM2M objects, and not intended to be contacted by device on the regular basis (but rather, only when SIM config needs to be modified).

Feature consists of the following parts:

  • AVC is able to store credentials for more than one Device Management (DM) server.
  • AVC can receive two or more sets of DM credentials from the Bootstrap server (and handle multiple instances of the LWM2M Object 0 and Object 1).
  • New AVC API is introduced to initiate the connection to the EDM server. (or any other specific DM server, identified by the Server ID).
  • New AT command to initiate the connection to the EDM (or any ohter specific DM server).
  • New AT command to propagate the APDU response from the modem firmware to Legato, and store it temporarily in the ConfigTree.
  • LWM2M core library to be able to support the new Object 33408.

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