Release Notes

Version: Legato 19.07.0
Date: Aug 25th, 2019
Legato Application Framework Licensing Information

Visit the release page to download the tarball, clone the repositories from GitHub, or view previous released versions.

Get started with the latest version of Legato by installing the SDK through Leaf.

Search for the latest version for your target (using wp76xx as an example):

$ leaf search -t wp76xx -t latest

Update your profile to the latest version:

$ leaf update

New Features

List of new features in the 19.07 Release:

Ethernet support in DCS

le_dcs Interface now supports ethernet as a technology within the Data Connection Service.

Secure Storage Trust Zone

The WP76xx/WP77xx family of devices now supports the TrustZone secure storage solution.

Once you upgrade your target to Legato 19.07 you can not downgrade again. If you do, your secure storage data can't be decrypted and can not be recovered. You can remove/overwrite the data. To delete the data use config delete secStore:/.

Data Connection API

A new function, le_data_GetDateTime(), has been added to le_data.api to return both the date and time as one function instead of two separate functions.

Legato Gerrit Instance

The Legato project now includes a Gerrit (code repository) for all Legato releases and the Linux Distribution for Sierra Wireless product releases. Gerrit walks through how to set up and clone the source code repository. Gerrit provides a way that we can include Sierra Wireless proprietary code/binaries along with the open source code, allowing customers one place to download all the software needed to rebuild a target. See the Gerrit documentation to get started.

DevMode Application

The devMode App can now be included in the default Legato System by setting the following environment variable: LEGATO_DEV_MODE_ENABLE=1, and then running mksys.

IPV6 DCS Support

IPv6 support has been added to DCS and a bug was fixed where IPv6 customers could not connect to AirVantage.

Beta Features

There are no Beta Features for this release.

Alpha Features

The following are the list of features that have been added into the 19.07 Release but are still being developed and should not be used on production targets. Please provide feedback for these features on our forums:

Legato RPC

RPC has been added as an experimental feature (Remote-procedure Call Remote procedure call). Please refer to getStartRPC Legato RPC on how to get started.

Experimental IDE

The Legato team has launched the alpha version of a Legato Plugin for VSCode.

Fixed Issues

All changes are tagged in GitHub as "19.07.0". The full list of changes and commit messages can be found on GitHub.

This is only the list of fixes for the Application Framework and Platform Services, for the list of changes in the Platform Adapters and AVC Service view the commits under the tag 19.07.0 in individual repositories on GitHub.

Known Issues

Constraints and Limitations

Dev Machine Linux Version

To develop applications within the Legato Application Framework, a current supported Long Term Support version of Ubuntu Linux is required on your dev machine (or running in a virtual box on Windows). Ubuntu 18.04 is the current recommended version to use on your dev machine.

ECM-USB modem manager issue

Ubuntu 15.10 and newer has Modem Manager version 1.4.12-1ubuntu1 installed by default which conflicts with the ECM-USB driver when connecting a target. Modem manager may cause the Ubuntu Network Manager to crash on your host and/or your target device to become unavailable over USB.


  • NetworkManager crashing when plugging into your device over USB, or
  • The target device becomes inaccessible after 30 seconds.

Recommended Work Around: