Setup Target Software

To setup target software, you copy startup scripts from the host to the target, and then install libraries and executables.

Copy Startup Scripts

Startup scripts are copied automatically to the target when instlegato is run the first time (see instlegato Copy Libs & Exes) .

You can also copy the scripts manually. Using ssh, access the target:

ssh root@<target ip address>

When prompted for a password, press enter.

Then create the startup directory:

mkdir -p /mnt/flash/startup

Then copy the startup files to the target by running the following from the dev host:

scp targetFiles/mdm-9x15/startup/fg_* root@<target ip addr>:/mnt/flash/startup

Scripts beginning with fg_ are run first during startup, and then everything else is runs in the background. You can add more scripts to customize your target. fg_ scripts must have executable permissions or they will not run.

In the rare case you need to prevent legato starting automatically, run
touch /mnt/flash/startup/STOPLEGATO

Reboot Target

Wait for the target to fully reboot. The target IP address may have changed. Check it using ifconfig through the serial console before proceeding.

instlegato Copy Libs & Exes

To copy libraries and executables to the target, run:

$ instlegato build/wp85 <target ip address>

It will automatically start the Legato runtime components.

If target startup scripts don't exist or don't match the ones in:


they'll be copied to the target.

Old startup files from the target will be copied to the host here:


After the startup files are finished updating, the target will reboot.

After the target restarts, run instlegato again to finish installation.

Then you can build and run apps.

Here's Config ECM IPv6 info.

These are Target Directories installed.

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