Legato is an open source embedded platform built on Linux designed to simplify embedded IoT development.

This is how the docs are organized:

Section Description
Get Started installation and setup info
Basics essentials to get developing
Tools target, host, & build tools
How To frequently needed tasks
Definition Files reusable external interfaces & internal content
Services APIs pre-built services
C Runtime Library C Language library
Other Info platform constraints & Yocto dist info
About version info, docs tips, glossary


Legato has everything you need to connect the IoT fast:

Programming language APIs — dev tools and APIs to easily write software components and specify how apps will use them.

Target runtime environment — set of daemon processes cooperatively implement execution sandboxes, secure IPC, fault monitoring.

Development and build tools — target, host, and build tools to create apps ready for deployment to your devices.

Documentation and automated tests — a raft of docs and automated tests ready to use. The Legato online docs are also available in a PDF doc.

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