Legato has tools to build components, executables, apps and app systems. They all that start with mk (we call them mktools):

mkapp - generate an app bundle to install and run on a target.
mksys - generate a system bundle to install and run on a target.
mkexe - create an executable program.
mkcomp - pre-build a component library (.so) file.

These build tools are used to:

  • generate boiler-plate code
  • simplify component-based software development
  • package apps and config settings to deploy to targets.

Most developers will usually only need mkapp and mksys.

mkexe is only needed to build an executable for a target without packaging it as an app. This can be useful to build command-line tools to copy to a target or bundle in a root file system image.

mkcomp can be used to build libraries from component sources, if a separate step is needed as a part of a complex, custom, staged build system (instead of letting mksys, mkapp, or mkexe handle it).

Interface Generation Tool

The ifgen tool is used to parse interface def .api files and generate include files and IPC code. The ifgen tool is usually run automatically by the mktools.

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