AirVantage System Info

This sample app demonstrates using assets to transfer LWM2M Data over AirVantage. It's also a working utility to can provide info about a running remote target.


To use this app, you should understand how to Connect to AirVantage.
You also need to understand how to Install apps over AirVantage.
There's more detailed info on Assets in the cdef docs.


The sample apps aren't installed with the framework by default. Use AirVantage to install and start/stop this app as described in Install apps.

It provides the following info about a running system.

For the system:

  • Overall CPU load
  • Free Memory

For each flash partition:

  • Device managing the partition.
  • Name of the partition.
  • Size of the partition.
  • Whether the partition is mounted and with which file system.
  • How much of the partition is used.

Copyright (C) Sierra Wireless Inc. Use of this work is subject to license.