Install apps

This page explains how to build your app, configure the AirVantage platform, and then deploy your app remotely to your device.

Build app

Apps are uploaded to AirVantage as a special zip file containing the app binary update pack and an XML manifest. Both are generated by mkapp when the app is built. To combine them into a zip file for AirVantage delivery, use the av-pack tool.

Code sample:

$ mkapp -t wp85 helloWorld.adef
$ av-pack -f helloWorld.wp85.update abcCo.jsmith.helloWorld _build_helloWorld/wp85

The first line builds the helloWorld app for the wp85 target. The update pack file helloWorld.wp85.update and the AirVantage manifest file are generated. The file is generated under the build's working directory (e.g., ./_build_helloWorld/wp85).

The second line packs these two files together and sets the app's type to abcCo.jsmith.helloWorld. The app's type must be a globally-unique app type identifier, unique among all apps in all companies anywhere on AirVantage. It should always include something like your company name to prevent naming conflicts with other companies in the world. If this is a developer's sample app (like this example), it should also include the developer's name to prevent conflicts with other developers in the same company.

The output will be a file called

If your target device has been configured for app signature checks or to accept only encrypted apps, you must use your signing/encryption tool to sign the .update file and then pack it with av-pack instead. Don't sign or encrypt the file, or the final .zip file, as AirVantage won't be able to read them.

$ mkapp -t wp85 helloWorld.adef
$ cat helloWorld.wp85.update | myAppSigner > helloWorld.wp85.signed
$ av-pack -f helloWorld.wp85.signed abcCo.jsmith.helloWorld _build_helloWorld/wp85

Using AirVantage Platform

This part assumes you've already created your target/device on the platform. See Connect to AirVantage.

Upload app

Your app zip file name will be something like

See AirVantage Getting Started Develop+Activity : "My Apps" Section -> action Release ( select publish) for details.

Create app installation job

You need to create the app install job on the platform: in your system Monitor view, More menu, choose Install app and select the app you just uploaded (released and published) in previous step.

Receive app on AirVantage agent

Connect to server to receive app installation job

This requires an avc control app using the LWM2M AVC API that accepts the download and installation. See AirVantage Connector API for details.

Check Success Status

If the installation was successful, you should find helloWorld in the installed apps and on the targets' Monitor view app list.

Going further

Start, stop, uninstall jobs can be created using corresponding UI buttons on the Monitor view for your system, in the Applications section next to your app name.

See AirVantage Getting Started more details.

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