AirVantage Apps Info

This sample app demonstrates using assets to transfer LWM2M Data over AirVantage. It's also a working utility to provide info about apps running on a remote target.

Background info

To use this app, you should understand how to Connect to AirVantage.
You also need to understand how to Install apps over AirVantage.
There's more detailed info on Assets in the cdef docs available.


The AirVantage sample apps aren't installed with the framework by default. Use AirVantage to install and start/stop the sample app: Install apps.

The app presents the following info over AirVantage for each installed app:

  • App name
  • App status (whether it is running or stopped)
  • App Process ID (PID) (an App may actually have several processes; the PIDs will be listed separated by commas).
  • Memory used by the process
  • CPU % used by the process (at this time only a single CPU/core is supported)

Copyright (C) Sierra Wireless Inc. Use of this work is subject to license.