modem Demo

This sample app demonstrates a modem app. It uses modem services with .adef bindings and related @ .cdef requires provides, and sources sections.

Before you install this sample app:

  • register your SIM network. See SIM.
  • set an APN name. See Data.

Run this to install the sample app:

$ cd apps/sample/modemDemo
$ make wp85
$ instapp modemDemo.wp85 <ip address>

where ip address is the address of your target device.

If you're using an AR7 or WP7 module in your target, substitute ar7 or wp7 for wp85.

Start App


The modemDemo app accepts several commands (through sending the target a SMS message) and will reply with the results:

  • Status - return some status information of the target like radio is on/off and signal strength
  • Sim - returns sim state/info (iccid and imsi)
  • Online - turns on data connection
  • Netinfo - network information like gateway address
  • Offline - turns off data connection
  • TestDataConnectionV4 - Test IPv4 data connection
  • TestDataConnectionV6 - Test IPv6 data connection
  • DataInfo - Show data flow statistics
  • DataReset - Reset data flow statistics


The sample app can be customized by editing the modemDemo.adef and related C source files.

In modemDemo.adef, you can add a send execution on start-up to notify you when the app is running. Uncomment the run line and replace +18005550199 by your own cell number.

( modemDemo )
( send "+18005550199" "Welcome to modemDemo app")

In modemDemo/demo.c, it's also possible to extend the list of processed commands.

Modem Data Control

Copyright (C) Sierra Wireless Inc. Use of this work is subject to license.