Connect to AirVantage

Also see Install apps

This topic covers how to create an AirVantage connection to your Legato device.

Detailed AirVantage documentation: AirVantage Getting Started

You'll need an account on AirVantage Server, you can check with your Sierra Wireless contact.

After you connect to your AirVantage account, you can create system and app.

Create System

Create a new System in AirVantage Server:

  • From the Inventory menu, choose Systems.
  • Click the Create button (+ symbol): enter a Name (used for retrieval).
  • In the Gateway tab, click Create a New Gateway (+ symbol), a new windows will appear: enter your device's IMEI and Serial Number.
  • Click Create.
  • After you return to the system creation window, click the Application field and select the ‘Legato_LWM2M’ (firmware and application update over the air) application model. An application model is an XML file defining the communication contract between AirVantage and the embedded app.
  • Select "I want to activate my system after creating it".
  • Click Create.


Legato provides LWM2M support to connect to AirVantage.

See AirVantage Connector, AirVantage Data and Assets for details.

Device Status

Check device status on the AirVantage Server:

  • From the Monitor menu, choose Systems
  • Browse to your device (by the name you created or the IMEI).
  • Click Details.

The Last seen field should be updated with a recent date. You can also see the initial data exchange in the Timeline screen.

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