Experimental Features

Major new features in the Legato Application Framework are introduced as experimental features at first. This allows you to play around with them and test them out in a developmental capacity without having it affect production targets. Once the feature is "broken in" and fully tested we will release it as a production read feature.

Each new feature will have it's own set of documentation that will walk you through:

  • Getting Started - how to install/enable the new feature in Legato
  • Concepts - Overview and Architecture information about the feature
  • API Guides - Links and information on using the APIs exposed with the new feature
  • Tools - Links and documentation on any tools included with the new feature.
  • HowTo - Documentation and sample apps demonstrating the new feature.

The following are our current list of new experimental features in Legato

Feature Description Maturity First Release Version
Data Channel Service New data connect service to replace the current data service Alpha Legato 18.10.0
Legato Plugin for VSCode Legato Plugin for VSCode on Linux Alpha Legato 19.04.0
Remote-procedure Call Legato RPC framework Alpha Legato 19.04.0

Maturity Descriptions:

  • Alpha - the feature is still under development and should not be used on production targets as the underlying functionality as well as the APIs may change in future releases.
  • Beta - the feature is complete and being tested. Final bugs and issues are being resolved; functionality and APIs are stable and will not change at this point.

Any feedback on these features is welcomed, please post on the Legato forum.