API Index

A simple interface definition language (IDL) similar to C is provided to help define APIs so they can be used in multiple, different programming languages. See API Files.

The following is a directory of all API's that are included by the Framework and by including default.sdef within your system.

Legato Daemon APIs

The Legato AF Daemons provide full-featured interface access to configure and control services and Apps:

Daemon API Guide API Reference File Name Description
configTree Config Tree API le_cfg_interface.h le_cfg.api Functions to read and write data into the App's Tree
configTree Config Tree Admin API le_cfgAdmin_interface.h le_cfgAdmin.api Tools to facilitate the administration of App's Trees
supervisor App Control API le_appCtrl_interface.h le_appCtrl.api Control Legato apps
supervisor Application Information API le_appInfo_interface.h le_appInfo.api Legato app info retrieval
supervisor Framework Control API le_framework_interface.h le_framework.api Control the Legato Framework
supervisor Linux Kernel Module API le_kernelModule_interface.h le_kernelModule.api Module load and unload
update Update API le_update_interface.h le_update.api Control the update daemon on the target
update Update Control API le_updateCtrl_interface.h le_updateCtrl.api Tools to facilitate the administration of the update daemon
update Install Status API le_instStat_interface.h le_instStat.api Notifications when apps are installed and uninstalled
watchdog Watchdog Service le_wdog_interface.h le_wdog.api Monitor critical applications and services for deadlocks and other similar faults

Platform Service APIs

Platform Services provide full-featured interface access to system and modem resources:

Location: $LEGATO_ROOT/interfaces

Service API Guide API Reference File Name Description
AirVantage AirVantage Connector API le_avc_interface.h le_avc.api Control and configure upgrade and network settings
AirVantage AirVantage Data API le_avdata_interface.h le_avdata.api Send and receive data from the AirVantage Server
Audio Audio le_audio_interface.h le_audio.api Handles audio interfaces including play and record supported formats
Cellular Network Cellular Network le_cellnet_interface.h le_cellnet.api Ensures that the modem is registered on the network when an user application makes a request for network access
Data Connection Data Connection le_data_interface.h le_data.api Creates and manages a single data connection on the cellular network
GPIO GPIO le_gpio_interface.h le_gpio.api Controls general-purpose digital input/output pins
Modem ADC Channel API le_adc_interface.h le_adc.api Analog to digital converter
Modem Antenna Monitoring le_antenna_interface.h le_antenna.api Antenna diagnostics
Modem eCall le_ecall_interface.h le_ecall.api EU auto accident assistance program
Modem Input Power Supply Monitoring API le_ips_interface.h le_ips.api Input voltage data
Modem Low Power Technologies le_lpt_interface.h le_lpt.api Control modem low power technologies
Modem Modem Call Control le_mcc_interface.h le_mcc.api Control voice calls
Modem Modem Data Control le_mdc_interface.h le_mdc.api Control modem data connections
Modem Modem Information le_info_interface.h le_info.api Retrieve modem data information
Modem Modem Radio Control le_mrc_interface.h le_mrc.api Modem radio controls
Modem Remote SIM service le_rsim_interface.h le_rsim.api Remote SIM service
Modem Ring Indicator Signal le_riPin_interface.h le_riPin.api Ring indicator for host wakeup
Modem SIM le_sim_interface.h le_sim.api SIM access
Modem Temperature Monitoring le_temp_interface.h le_temp.api Temperature monitoring
Modem User Timebase le_rtc_interface.h le_rtc.api Set user time base for RTC
Positioning GNSS le_gnss_interface.h le_gnss.api GNSS device control
Positioning Positioning le_pos_interface.h le_pos.api Device physical position/movement
Power Power Manager le_pm_interface.h le_pm.api Device power management
Power Ultra Low Power Mode le_ulpm_interface.h le_ulpm.api Ultra-low device power management
Power Boot Reason Query le_bootReason_interface.h le_bootReason.api Device power management
SecStore Secure Storage le_secStore_interface.h le_secStore.api secure storage access
SecStore Secure Storage Admin secStoreAdmin_interface.h le_secStoreAdmin.api secure storage admin control
SMS SMS le_sms_interface.h le_sms.api SMS messaging
SMS SMS Inbox le_smsInbox1_interface.h le_smsInbox1.api SMS Inbox Service
SPI SPI le_spi_interface.h le_spi.api Serial Port Interface
VoiceCall Voice Call Service le_voicecall_interface.h le_voicecall.api Controls the voice call service
WiFi WiFi Access Point Service le_wifiAp_interface.h le_wifiAp.api Create an access point that clients can connect to
WiFi WiFi Client Service le_wifiClient_interface.h le_wifiClient.api Connect to a WiFi access point.
AT AT Commands Client le_atClient_interface.h le_atClient.api AT commands client
AT AT Commands Server le_atServer_interface.h le_atServer.api AT commands server
Port Port Service le_port_interface.h le_port.api Port service

Legato C APIs

Lib Legato available APIs to provide more functionality to your Legato C Code and extend C.

Location: $LEGATO_ROOT/framework/include

API Guide API Reference File Name Description
Command Line Arguments API le_args.h le_args.h Provides the ability to add arguments from the command line
Atomic File Operation API le_atomFile.h le_atomFile.h Provides atomic file access mechanism that can be used to perform file operation (specially file write) in atomic fashion
Basic Type and Constant Definitions le_basics.h le_basics.h Provides error codes, portable integer types, and helpful macros that make things easier to use
System Clock API le_clock.h le_clock.h Gets/sets date and/or time values, and performs conversions between these values.
CRC32 API le_crc.h le_crc.h Provides the ability to compute the CRC of a binary buffer
Directory API le_dir.h le_dir.h Provides functions to control directories
Doubly Linked List API le_doublyLinkedList.h le_doublyLinkedList.h Provides a data structure that consists of data elements with links to the next node and previous nodes
Event Loop API le_eventLoop.h le_eventLoop.h Provides event loop functions to support the event-driven programming model
File Descriptor Monitor API le_fdMonitor.h le_fdMonitor.h Provides monitoring of file descriptors, reporting, and related events
File Locking API le_fileLock.h le_fileLock.h Provides file locking, a form of IPC used to synchronize multiple processes' access to common files
File System service le_fs.h le_fs.h Provides a way to access the file system across different platforms
HashMap API le_hashmap.h le_hashmap.h Provides creating, iterating and tracing functions for a hashmap
Hex string API le_hex.h le_hex.h Provides conversion between Hex and Binary strings
JSON Parsing API le_json.h le_json.h Provides fast parsing of a JSON data stream with very little memory required
Logging API le_log.h le_log.h Provides a toolkit allowing code to be instrumented with error, warning, informational, and debugging messages
Dynamic Memory Allocation API le_mem.h le_mem.h Provides functions to create, allocate and release data from a memory pool
Low-level Messaging API le_messaging.h le_messaging.h Provides support to low level messaging within Legato
Mutex API le_mutex.h le_mutex.h Provides standard mutex functionality with added diagnostics capabilities
Low-level Pack/Unpack API le_pack.h le_pack.h Provides low-level pack/unpack functions to support the higher level IPC messaging system
Path API le_path.h le_path.h Provides support for UTF-8 null-terminated strings and multi-character separators
Path Iterator API le_pathIter.h le_pathIter.h Iterate over paths, traverse the path node-by-node, or create and combine paths together
Random Number API le_rand.h le_rand.h Used for cryptographic purposes such as encryption keys, initialization vectors, etc.
Safe References API le_safeRef.h le_safeRef.h Protect from damaged or stale references being used by clients
Semaphore API le_semaphore.h le_semaphore.h Provides standard semaphore functionality, but with added diagnostic capabilities
Signals API le_signals.h le_signals.h Provides software interrupts for running processes or threads
Singly Linked List API le_singlyLinkedList.h le_singlyLinkedList.h Provides a data structure consisting of a group of nodes linked together linearly
Unit Testing API le_test.h le_test.h Provides macros that are used to simplify unit testing
Thread Control API le_thread.h le_thread.h Provides controls for creating, ending and joining threads
Timer API le_timer.h le_timer.h Provides functions for managing and using timers
tty API le_tty.h le_tty.h Provides routines to configure serial ports
UTF-8 String Handling API le_utf8.h le_utf8.h Provides safe and easy to use string handling functions for null-terminated strings with UTF-8 encoding