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Legato Application Framework is designed to simplify embedded IoT development and connect your applications to the cloud and network services. Developers do not need in-depth knowledge of embedded systems to be able to develop on IoT devices with Legato. Legato provides an extensive C Runtime Library, a set of management daemons, build and target management tools and built-in security enabling you to focus on developing your applications.

What is the Legato Application Framework?

The Legato Application Framework is a set of tools and design paterns that enable developers to focus on building applications. The Legato Application Framework simplifies the complexity of interfacing with the underlaying Operating System and hardware, and introduces layers of security that ensure that applications only have the permissions and access to the resources that they need. Applications run in an isolated environment and their permissions can be explicity configured.

Example of the Legato Application Framework running on a target:


The Legato Application Framework provides:

  • A C Runtime Library that provides many APIs to enable low-level routines and commonly used data structures and OS service APIs.
  • Core Daemons that provide secure services to run and manage your applications.
  • A set of Command Line Tools for both your target and your development machine to ease the configuration and administration of deploying applications and configuring your target device.
  • Built-in native security where all applications by default run in isolated Sandboxes and have to be given permissions to interact with applications outside of the Sandbox.
  • The ability to plug in applications/services provided by your target provider or other developers that you can then take and connect to your own applications.
  • The ability to bundle OS drivers within your applications to allow connection to hardware without modifying the underlaying platform.

Why Choose the Legato Application Framework?

  • An Open Source Framework that allows full customization of all components.
  • Provides well defined patterns that allow for the encapsulation of varying hardware and associated applications.
  • Provides a robust set of Command Line Tools that enable the configuration and administration of devices.
  • Ability to run your applications in secure containers with resource management and monitoring, while still allowing cross application communication.
  • Developer tools that help you troubleshoot interprocess communications, package up applications, components, and kernel drivers into a customized system and then deploy the system to your target.

Legato Application Framework Concepts

Dig further and discover our development concepts, API Guides for our core daemons and platform services, or our tool box that contains tools to help you configure and run the Legato Runtime Environment and the underlaying platform.

Section Description
Get Started Install and start developing for Framework
Concepts Concepts and underlaying design paterns for the Framework
API Guides Catalog of all exposed APIs from the Framework
Tools Target, Host, and Build tools' Help information
How To How To articles for some of the most commonly used features of the Framework