The update tool can be used to install, update, and remove software on the target device.

It mainly operates on update packs that are files containing install, update, and/or removal instructions and any files needed to carry out those instructions.

Update packs are created on the development host using the mk tools (mkapp and mksys) and the update-pack host tool. See Update for more info.


update [FILE_NAME]
update -r APP_NAME
update --remove APP_NAME
update --mark-good
update -g
update --mark-bad
update -b
update --defer
update -d
update --help

When run without any command-line arguments, or when run with FILE_NAME set to a dash - character, it takes an update pack file through standard in, and forwards it to the Update Daemon for processing.

update [FILE_NAME]

Opens the update pack and feeds it to the Update Daemon for processing.

--remove or -r 

Removes the app specified in the APP_NAME argument.

Here's a code sample:

update /tmp/myUpdatePack.update
Be careful not to accidentally remove system services apps you might need (e.g., modemService app).

Updated or modified systems enter a probationary period (default 30 minutes) during which time an app or framework daemon failure will result in a roll-back to the previous "good" system. For development and testing, you can mark a system good (pass), bad (fail) or defer.

update --mark-good or update -g

Ends the new system probation period and marks the current system good. Ignored if the current system is already marked good.

update --mark-bad or update -b

Marks the current system bad and reboots to rollback to the previous good system. The command has no effect if the current system has already been marked good. The restart waits for any deferral in effect.

update --defer or update -d

Defers all updates as long as the program is left running. To release the deferral, use Ctrl-C or kill to exit. More than one deferral can be in effect at any time. All of them must be cleared before an update can take place.


Prints help text to standard out and exits.