update-pack - Create an update package for a target device.


update-pack -ar APP_NAME
update-pack -m FIRMWARE_FILE
update-pack -d UPDATE_FILE
update-pack -h
update-pack --help
update-pack -v


    Creates a package containing update instructions and/or content to be installed on a
    target device.
    When creating an update pack for a target device,
    Options used when creating an update pack:
    -ar APP_NAME
        Specify an application to be removed from the target.
        Add a modem firmware image to the update for installation on the target.
    -o FILE_NAME
        Specify output update file name. If not specified, a default file name is generated.
        If "-" is specified, then output will be sent to the standard output stream.
    Other options:
        Prints the Legato framework version.
        Prints an update file's manifest to the standard output stream.
        Print this help text.
    Update files for system update are generated by 'mksys'.
    Update files for app install/update are generated by 'mkapp'.
    # Create an update package helloWorld.remove.update that removes the helloWorld app.
    update-pack -o helloWorld.remove.update -ar helloWorld
    # Display manifest information from an update file.
    update-pack -d helloWorld.update