Positioning platform constraints

Distance values resolution

le_pos_Get2DLocation(), le_pos_Get3DLocation(), le_pos_sample_GetAltitude, le_pos_sample_Get2DLocation and le_pos_sample_GetAltitude functions return, among others, the altitude, the horizontal and the vertical accuracies. These values are expressed in meters by default. It is possible to modifiy the resolution by calling le_pos_SetDistanceResolution() function.

However, on Qualcomm-based platform, the maximal resolution of these distance parameters is limited. This means that each parameter cannot be expressed beyond a defined limit. Altitude maximum resolution is the millimeter, horizontal accuracy maximum resolution is the centimeter and vertical accuracy maximum resolution is the decimeter.

When le_pos_SetDistanceResolution() sets a resolution for a distance parameter higher than its maximal limit, zeros are added (padding). For example, for a vertical accuracy of 20 decimeter, setting a resolution in millimeter will return 2000.


See Positioning API