mangOH Developers

Welcome mangOH board developers. If you've successfully setup your mangOH board, congrats you've already run your first Legato app!

If you've landed here and haven't setup your mangOH board, go to to get started.

What was installed

While you were setting up your mangOH board, all the prerequisites, toolchain, and source code files were loaded onto your computer. When you ran helloWorld, you used the helloWorld sample app.

What helloWorld used

By making and then running the helloWorld sample app, you've already used all the basic pieces required by a Legato app:

  • one component containing its .cdef file
  • one app source file
  • .adef file of the app

When you built helloWorld (by running $ mkapp -t wp85 helloWorld.adef), the necessary files and libs were created for your target:

  • Legato application bundle : helloApp/helloApp.wp85
  • build folder : helloApp/_build_helloApp/wp85/ with the executables in helloApp/_build_testApp/wp85/staging/bin/ and with the libraries in helloApp/_build_testApp/wp85/staging/lib/.

Next Steps

Build Apps is super easy. All you do is:

  • create a component
  • create an app definition file
  • build your app
  • install app on target.

That's it! You're ready to use Legato apps.

You can develop starting with pre-built sample apps:

  • Sample Apps available in the app/sample/ directories.
  • to clone the sample apps from GitHub.

Or you can develop apps from scratch: