Upgrading Legato

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Important: Upgrade the firmware before upgrading the Legato application framework.

Config Trees: Legato currently overwrites private config trees during upgrading. An import/export script can be used to create a copy of config trees and reinstate settings after installation.

Contact your Field Application Engineer (FAE) to upgrade AR series targets.

Legato 16.01.2 release notes

Upgrade WP Firmware

You must upgrade your firmware before upgrading Legato. See WP Firmware Download and Instructions

Upgrade Legato Beta AF 15.10 to 16.01.2

This procedure is for those running Legato from the source packages.

Ensure you've upgraded firmware and you have the latest source code from GitHub before starting to upgrade Legato AF.

On your development host, go to the Legato build toolchain installation directory (/opt/swi) and remove all files:

$ cd /opt/swi
$ sudo rm -rf *

Installation packages (including toolchain downloads) are available at the Sierra Wireless Source Legato Downloads page.

Select toolchain for either 32 or 64 bits and copy it to /opt/swi

$ mkdir -p /opt/swi
$ chmod u+x [toolchain.sh file]
$ [toolchain.sh file]

You may need to use sudo to run mkdir.

Then install and build Legato, and then set up the target software.

See Legato documentation for full information.