18.01.0 Release Notes

Release Date: Feb 7, 2018

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The following provides a summary of changes that have been made in the 18.01 Legato AF Release.

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New Features

The following are the list of new features that have been added into the 18.01 Release:

AirVantage Improvements

Version 18.01.0 introduces further stability updates to the AirVantage Connector and underlaying Platform Adapters. The code changes provide stability to over-the-air downloads and installs, and improves the reliability of downloads and installs resuming after the device has lost power or has been rebooted.

Polling timer initiated sessions will now be disconnected after 20 seconds of inactivity.

Flash Access Protection

Flash access protection has been added to the Flash API. The access protection provides the ability to Open a partition, le_flash_Close and read or write data chunks. The API functions are synchronous and blocks all other reads or writes when calling a write to the flash.

Documentation Improvements

Version 18.01 introduces a revamped install instructions and helloWorld and helloIPC tutorials.

Fixed Issues

All development work is tagged in GitHub as "18.01.0". The list of changes and commit messages can be found on GitHub.

This is only the list of fixes for the Application Framework and Platform Services, for the list of changes in the Platform Adapters and AVC Service view the commits under the tag 18.01.0 in the individual repositories on GitHub.

Known Issues

Constraints and Limitations

Dev Machine Linux Version

To develop applications within the Legato Application Framework, a current supported Long Term Support version of Ubuntu Linux is required on your dev machine (or running in a virtual box on Windows). Ubuntu 16.04 is the current recommended version to use on your dev machine.

ECM-USB modem manager issue

Ubuntu 15.10 and newer has Modem Manager version 1.4.12-1ubuntu1 installed by default which conflicts with the ECM-USB driver when connecting a target. Modem manager may cause the Ubuntu Network Manager to crash on your host and/or your target device to become unavailable over USB.


  • NetworkManager crashing when plugging into your device over USB, or
  • The target device becomes inaccessible after 30 seconds.

Recommended Work Around:

Open Issues

The following is the list of known issues that still exist in Legato 18.01.0 and are currently under investigation:

eCall Service

  • During eCall Modem Services transmission the date and time are not updated and do not pick up the rtc value.

WiFi Tool

  • Using the client scan function may not return all available results, in some instances it may only return the first result.