17.06.0 Release Notes

Release Date: July 7, 2017

See Licenses to view Legato AF Licensing Information.

The following provides a summary of changes that have been made in the 17.06 Legato AF Release.

Download the source code and get started with building Legato AF.

Legato Application Framework Release Process

Legato AF releases are not tied to any specific module product release. Once we have released Legato AF, module vendors (like Sierra Wireless) will take the release and integrate it into their own product release.

Legato AF Release Schedule VS Module Vendor Release Schedule



  • Legato AF Team posts release 17.07
  • Module Vendor takes release 17.07 and builds an associated Linux Distro to create a "Legato Platform"
  • Module Vendor tests and releases a "Legato Platform" with their Modem Firmware as "Product Release Y"
  • Legato AF Team posts release 17.08, 17.09 and 17.010 without the Module Vendor packaging it into a Product Release. Releases are able to installed with the vendor's Product Release Y, but may not be officially supported by the Module Vendor.
  • Module Vendor takes release 17.11 and creates a "Legato Platform" and "Product Release Z", and so on..

For any questions about the Product Releases please contact your Module Vendor directly.

New Features

The 17.06 release contains a few new API additions and bug fixes. GitHub contains the complete list of Legato AF 17.06.0 Fixes .

Changes API Changes

The following new APIs have been added:

Fixed Issues

All development work is tagged in GitHub as "17.06.0". The list of changes and commit messages can be found on GitHub.

Legato AF 17.06.0 Fixes

Known Issues

Constraints and Limitations

Dev Machine Linux Version

To develop applications within the Legato AF, a Long Term Support version of Ubuntu Linux is needed on your dev machine (or running in a virtual box on Windows). Any release older then Ubuntu 12.04 is no longer supported by the Legato AF.

ECM-USB modem manager issue

Ubuntu 15.10 and newer is default installed with Modem Manager version 1.4.12-1ubuntu1 which conflicts with the ECM-USB driver when connecting a target. Modem manager may cause the Ubuntu Network Manager to crash on your host and/or your target device to become unavailable over USB.


  • NetworkManager crashing when plugging into your device over USB, or
  • The target device becomes inaccessible after 30 seconds.

Recommended Work Around:

Open Issues

The following is the list of known issues that still exist in Legato 17.06.0 and are currently under investigation:

Legato AF

  • Apps can't share writable files with each other unless both apps are "un-sandboxed".
  • Real time scheduling policies are not able to promote themselves if needed.

Config Tree

  • Removing an app may remove another apps tree if the first apps requires section lists the second app.


  • app runProc does not work for apps running outside of a Sandbox. If you wish to run app runProc your app must be running in a Sandbox.
  • app status doesn’t have a "waiting" status if an app is waiting it gets reported as "running".
  • configEcm will give a confusing error message about IP's not being on the same subnet when other errors are present.

Audio API

  • No sound recorded when using an Analog interface.
  • Not able to resume a playback after a recording has been paused.
  • "Pop" noise on usb audio at the end of a play or when stopping an ongoing file

Data Connection API

  • "wifi client disconnect" does not release current Wifi connection

eCall API

  • First tone in DTMF is often missed or has a shorter duration.
  • LE_ECALL_STATE_TIMEOUT_T6 is not handled when T6 expires. The timeout event is not generated in the eCall handler.
  • MSD transmissions fail over SMS when the FDN is locked.
  • The fall-back SMS is not received during an Era-Glonass eCall session.


  • Only one service is able to access a GPIO pin at a time


  • Driver does not support speeds lower than 960000 baud


  • Modem does not support serial baud rate of 1000000