Create Systems Bundles

This topic provides details on how to build and update system bundles and upload them to Air Vantage to deploy on your target.

System updates are uploaded to AirVantage as a special zip file containing the app binary update pack and an XML manifest. Both files are generated using mksys when your build your app. To combine both files into a zip for AirVantage delivery, use the av-pack tool.

Sample 1 - builds a custom system called "custom":

$ mksys -t wp85 custom.sdef
$ av-pack -u custom.wp85.update -b _build_custom/wp85 -t WP8548

Sample 2 - builds the legato system for deployment on AirVantage:

$ make wp85
$ av-pack -u build/wp85/system.wp85.update -b build/wp85 -t WP8548
The -t must match the type set in the application model of your target. The default WP type is "WP8548".

mksys builds the "custom" system for the wp85 target and outputs an .update file and (the xml manifest file needed to update your system with Air Vantage). The files are generated under the builds working directory (e.g., ./_build_custom/wp85).

av-pack builds the .zip file that can be uploaded to Air Vantage.

See Uploading Apps/Systems to upload your System Bundle to your device through Air Vantage.