The following are the recommended system requirements for a Linux host PC running from the command-line:


If you’re installing the development environment and application framework on a development host, recommended system requirements for the Ubuntu desktop is at least 768 MB of RAM and 5 GB of disk space.

Ubuntu version 15.04 is officially supported.

If you’re downloading Legato source and toolchain files, you’ll need a minimum Internet connection speed of 4 Mpbs.

Dev Host PC

Different options are available for development host PCs depending on needs. You can build, install, and work with Legato entirely from a Linux dev host, but target device recovery is only possible from Windows at this time. See getstartedWindowsHost.

Linux vs Windows tasks

Linux dev host is used to compile system software, flash Linux images, develop and debug applications.

Windows Host is used to flash Linux images, flash new modem firmware, recover device.

Target Device

Legato is comes preloaded on the MangOH dev kit. You can also use the AirPrime – AR and WP Series dev kit.

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